Trustees of Sandwich Beaches

Latest activity/information on beach restoration:

1. 97,000 cubic yards of sand was placed on Town Neck Beach this January 2024. This sand was taken from the Cape Cod canal when the ACOE dredged the canal at no expense to the town. The town was responsible for planting grass and putting up the fencing.

2. The USACE has changed the Operations & Maintenance document used for all Cape Cod Canal dredgings. The document now states that the first option for dredged sand is to place it on Town Neck Beach. The previous first option was to place the dredged sand in Cape Cod Bay.

3. Sandwich is still on tract to get up to 225,000 cubic yards of sand from Scusset Beach as part of the Section 111 approved project some time next winter. 2024/2025.