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Before the sand was placed 


After the sand was placed


3D view after placement



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Beach Renourishment Plan (April 2014) 


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President's message


President’s Message: 

February 5, 2016

My name is Laura Wing, and I have been the President of the Trustees of Sandwich Beaches since June of 2015.  Before that, I was the Vice-President serving with Irene Davis our former President and original founder of this organization.  Before that, I served as the Clerk for several years, starting when Irene asked me to join the group when her husband Darrell was the Vice-President.  Irene asked me if I was willing to take over as President when she made a decision to devote her time advocating for personal property owners’ rights to the beach and protection of their property on Town Neck beach. 

I own a beach house in East Sandwich on Springhill Beach.  I inherited this property from my father Frank Wing, who was born in Sandwich, and his sister Barbara Slocum, when they both passed away many years ago.   The house has been in the family since it was built in 1920.  I have been coming to this beach every summer since I was born, and decided to move to Massachusetts from Illinois after I graduated from college, to be near the beach and the town of Sandwich.  In 1987, the beach house was condemned, due to a major Nor’easter, along with many other houses along the Sandwich coast.  My father decided at that point to move the house back 30’ from the water, and have work done to it at the same time.  My husband at that time did most of the work, and dad provided the materials.

Since that time to the present day, I have watched the beach and the barrier dune behind it erode to what you see today.  I was told then, and still believe today, that the principal cause of this erosion is the Cape Cod Canal, and more specifically the extension of the jetty done by the federal government on the western side of the canal in the 1970’s.  The extension of the jetty was done to restrict sand from washing into the canal to reduce the frequency needed to dredge the canal. In order words, the extension of the jetty cut-off the natural movement of sand that would have helped to replenish our beaches over decades of time and trapped most of it behind the jetty as seen on Scusset Beach.  I believed for the longest time, that this was an obvious problem and that eventually ‘someone’ would fix it.  I thought, that at a minimum, each time the sand was dredged from the canal, that sand would be placed where it was needed most on our beaches, to help mitigate the impact the canal had on the Sandwich coastline at no expense to the town.  Over time, as it turns out, this was not a priority of the Army Corps of Engineers.  Their immediate concern and highest priority, has always been to keep the canal free of obstructions, so ships can navigate unimpeded through the canal, and to find the most cost efficient way to achieve this end goal.  This has resulted in most of the dredged material being dumped into the Cape Cod Bay, making that material inaccessible for beach replenishment. Other times, if a third party was willing to pay for the dredging of the canal and had the proper permits in place, they were allowed to take the sand where they needed it to be, such as the Boston Harbor or Buzzards Bay.

When Irene asked me to join the Trustees of Sandwich Beaches, to advocate for fair solutions to mitigate our severe beach erosion problems, I jumped at the chance.  It was an opportunity to join in with a large community of liked-minded people who really cared about our coastline and who wanted to do whatever we could to save it.  Since then, I have done research on the placement of sand, the permitting that is now required, the lost opportunities for replenishment of sand on our beach in the past, and to some extent on the chain of communications needed up through our state and federal government to be heard.  Since then, I have met many concerned people in our community and on our boards and serve in our state government that recognize the seriousness of the problem and want to do something about it.  

In January of 2016, all the sand available to dredge from the canal - 120,000 cubic yards of sand, more or less, was successfully placed on Town Neck Beach.  We were fortunate that the weather held during this phase of the project.  Unfortunately, we did not get as much sand as we had hoped for, and there was no time to sculpt the dune to optimal shape or in other ways protect the new sand when the storm Jonas hit our shores causing some erosion of the new dune.  Our ultimate objective however, recommended by the Woods Hole Group, is still to get a total of 400,000 cubic yards of sand on Town Neck beach. This recent sand brought us much closer to our goal but we have a way to go yet to meet it.

We need your help to take the next step.  As a group of concerned citizens we have a much better chance of making a difference in our community than we would have on our own. Some people have told me that it is futile to fight Mother Nature and because of that we should let the beach go as it will anyway.  My response to them and to you and anyone else who will listen, is let’s not forget that the Sandwich coastal erosion is not all about Mother Nature.  Sandwich coastal erosion is about our town being adequately compensated for severe erosion caused by the extension of the jetty on the Cape Cod Canal that has put our town into an extremely vulnerable position in regards to Mother Nature’s more severe storms and rising seas.  There are limits to what we can do in the end, but we owe it to ourselves to insist on fair treatment by all parties involved.

Welcome and please join us by coming to one of our regular meetings held on the second Monday night of every month at 6:30 at the Café Chew in Sandwich.


Laura Wing

President of the Trustees of Sandwich Beaches



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