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Trustees of Sandwich Beaches 

Steering Committee Meeting 

Held January 13, 2014 at the Chew restaurant 


Attending: Ann Dessertine, Pat McNeilBill Burbank, Elaine TammiDebra Davies, Arthur DoyleBill Collins, Jeff Govoni  (online)Bill BolesIrene DavisLaura Wing 

Mission Statement: 

“To promote the restoration of our beaches, dunes, and salt marsh, and the protection of them 

from further erosion in order to preserve the natural beauty of our shoreline and historic town, districts, 

and boardwalk; to promote a balance of public access to the beaches and the conservation of their 

natural habitat; to ensure the longterm stabilization of our beaches so they can be enjoyed for 

generations to come.” 

October and December's meeting minutes were approved by the committee. 

General Discussion 

 Recap of TSB challenges

Why should we continue the TSB? 

The beach is dying 

If we did not exist there would be no notice of the beach disappearing 

A lot of us live too far away to actively participate in town on this issue year round. 

Finance – the town has no money and there are a lot of competing priorities as to where that money should go.

Many people in town do not take an interest in the beach. 

The town is running at a million dollar deficit. 

3 million dollars (approx) of town taxes goes outside the town to support charter 


We need to rotate our leadership when necessary to keep our cause going without burn- 


The Chamber of Commerce thinks beach erosion is the most important issue in town. 

375 people are on Facebook page but they aren't joining.  We had no new members joining last month.

One of our members thinks that negative feedback from the town government means we are being effective.

Town government and state government activities 

Two selectmen positions may open up – John Brennan and Frank Panorfii 

These people may re-up and stay on the board. 

3 out of 5 selectmen have to vote out the town manager for him to be replaced. 

The planning board is pro-active to the beach.

More pro-active beach people needed on this board. 

Action Item:  Irene will contact Bobby George, Jimmy Ellis and Bob King to see if they are willing to run for office of know people who would.

We need a healthy reaction to an unhealthy situation. 

TSB has become a brand name associated with our leader Irene Davis 

We have to watch the ordering of items on the warrant in May – we should try not to be at the end of the agenda.

People that use the beach need to say something.  We can interview them next summer. 

Day of this last storm the media was here.  

Bill Keating came down.  

Stephanie Cox was assigned to this issue but she is no longer in Bill Keating's office. 

Senator Markey called our town hall and asked to speak with Jim Pierce.  The town hall did not put the call through to Jim.

Continuity in government is a big problem.  There is a big turnover. 

What to do next 

Repeat all the things we did last year. 

Advocate for the beach around the new election. 

Send out a mailing to all people in Sandwich on this issue. 

Irene's Meeting with the lawyer 

 Senrick, 2nd District Court, Montauk, NJ case

13 individual people bring a lawsuit against the town and the Army Corp of Engineers. 

ACOE wants people to sue to raise the priority of the case to the Fed Government. 

We should get a local lawyer to help us such as Michael Ford in Harwich. 

We may have more of a personal relationship with someone like him. 

Class Action suit 

We need to define a class (in our case people at risk of property damage) 

There are 900 homes along the beach. 

355 million dollars of property 

4.6 million dollars paid in taxes. 

Dennis beaches are well maintained. 

Ted Keon from Chatham CZM will not be interviewed on Sandwich TV because of conflict of interest with the town government. 

Plans for this year - 2014:  

 We need to plan for another forum before May 1, 2014 (before town meeting)

Solutions – coastal engineers and breakwater. 

Take back our sand 

Jeff Govani will support again. 

Do this memorial day. 

Get buses 

Work with Hemisphere again or another restaurant? 

Dump sand  (Tracy and Paul) 

Use Paul's truck 

Do fundraising for buckets and sell t-shirts. 

Gustovus Howland Day – July 19th. 

A play and period dress. 

He built the original boardwalk in 1870

Can we be there on this day? 

Seafest – July 26th 

We can organize a walk from the canal . 

Parade of lights on the canal. 

A fair – we can have a booth and organize talks on erosions issues in venues in town. 

One day university at Heritage Plantation - $150 

Should we attend the trivia night at the American Legion? 

Town Website 

Contains the names and addresses of people in town. 

We can have a party to address envelopes. 

Send letters to businesses on 6A 

Laura to compose a survey questionaire/draft a letter to beach front owners to find out what they know and don't know about the beach - hopefully, start up a dialogue.

Bill Boles and Arthur Doyle to assist. 

Action Items: 

Check on t-shirts both inventory and colors. 

Plan for the forum 

Find people to run for selectmen. 

Participate in Take Back our Sand Memorial Day across Sagamore bridge. 

Send letters out to the town. 

Send letters out to beach front owners. 

Irene to interview more people on Sandwich TV. 

 Plan for the 375th anniversary of the town. 

Plan for the 100th anniversary of the canal. 

See if we can participate in Seafest. 

See if we can participate in Gustovius Howland Day. 

Identify a lawyer to represent us. 

Find out more about filing a class action suit 

Next Meeting February 10th at the Chew Restaurant from 6:30 to 8:30. 

Motion made and seconded to adjourn the meeting. 

Corrections, comments and fill-ins are welcome 

Respectfully submitted:   Laura Wing (Clerk)  email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it