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Beach Update Summary 11/17/15


Beach Renourishment Plan (April 2014) 


Beach Management Plan (adopted 8/8/13) (Allow time for pages to load)



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February 10, 2014 PDF  | Print |
Trustees of Sandwich Beaches
Steering Committee Meeting
Held: 2/10/14, 6:30 PM @ The Café Chew Restaurant
Mission Statement:
“To promote the restoration of our beaches, dunes, and salt marsh, and the protection of them from further erosion in order to preserve the natural beauty of our shoreline and historic town, districts, and boardwalk; to promote a balance of public access to the beaches and the conservation of their natural habitat; to ensure the long term stabilization of our beaches so they can be enjoyed for generations to come.
December meeting minutes approved

General Discussion:
Next Meeting: Set for 3/10/14
Long discussion of the Town’s submission of a $5,000,000 Hurricane Sandy Coastal Resiliency Grant Request.
Discussion of the Town’s prospects of getting that grant as well as its Hurricane Sandy FEMA request.
Discussion of the Town’s request for $1,000,000 in Community Preservation Funds to be added to the “pot” if the Town gets either or both of the above grants.
Upcoming May Town Meeting:
We will be re-submitting our non-binding resolution to hire a Coastal Manager as was recommended by the Beach Management Plan that was adopted by the Selectman last August.
We will also be submitting a resolution to focus 50% of the meals tax increase adopted at Town Meeting last year towards beach restoration/enhancement.
Discussion of Us Army Corps:
The 204 study which probably contains a recommendation for a further 111 study and which was supposed to be finished years ago has still not been released.
It has been suggested that a lawsuit against the Corps might be more productive than waiting for them to incriminate themselves, which could take years, and which already has.
Discussion of upcoming Town election:
It is felt by the Steering Committee that new blood on the Board of Selectman would be a refreshing change and might increase Town action to save and restore the Town’s beaches and protective dunes.
Discussion of media:
Irene will be doing another TV show on the beach issue.
Irene will attend and address a meeting of Sandwich Newcomers & Neighbors
Mike Sheehan who owns property in Town Neck on the beach has been named CEO of the Boston Globe
Mark Snyder, a new columnist for the Sandwich Enterprise will be contacted regarding articles on the Canal and the erosion of our dunes and beaches.
Upcoming TSB Initiatives:
• A 2014 Beach Forum to precede the Town Meeting will be held on 4/30. The Town Meeting is scheduled for 5/5.
                Possible Discussion topics:
                Review of the progress of the Beach Management Plan approved last August
                Possible discussion of the grants that the town has applied for should we have won one or more of them
                Discussion of the need to have permits in place so that we can act when funds are available
                Discussion of the two TSB initiatives on the Town Meeting Ballot.
                Presentation of solutions to the problem and where they have been implemented.
                Possible presentation by a Coastal Zone Manager from another municipality
• Take Back Our Sand Demonstration on May 31
• Sandwich Festival booth
• Fourth of July Parade
• TSB Business Cards
Action Items:
● Contact Mark Snyder of the Sandwich Enterprise
● Look into creating a TSB business card
● Check on t-shirts both inventory and colors.
● Plan for the forum
● Find people to run for selectmen.
● Participate in Take Back our Sand Memorial Day across Sagamore Bridge.
● Send letters out to the town.
● Send letters out to beach front owners.
● Irene to interview more people on Sandwich TV.
● Plan for the 375th anniversary of our town.
● Plan for the 100th anniversary of the canal.
● See if we can participate in Seafest.
● See if we can participate in Gustovius Howland Day.
● Identify a lawyer to represent us.
● Find out more about filing a class action suit


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