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Check out before and after aerial views of Town Beach:

Before the sand was placed 


After the sand was placed


3D view after placement



Beach Update Summary 11/17/15


Beach Renourishment Plan (April 2014) 


Beach Management Plan (adopted 8/8/13) (Allow time for pages to load)



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November 10. 2014 PDF  | Print |


Trustees of Sandwich Beaches

Steering Committee Meeting

Held: 11/10/14, 6:30 PM @ Café Chew Restaurant


  Irene Davis, Laura Wing, Bill Boles, Bill Burbank, Paul Schneider,

  Kathy Riordan, Susan James, Elaine Tammi, Chris Gately,

  Bev Hand, Bruce Wiksten, Jeff Govoni - Skype


Mission Statement:

“To promote the restoration of our beaches, dunes, and salt marsh, and the protection of them from further erosion in order to preserve the natural beauty of our shoreline and historic town, districts, and boardwalk; to promote a balance of public access to the beaches and the conservation of their natural habitat; to ensure the long term stabilization of our beaches so they can be enjoyed for generations to come.”

*** Goal for the December and succeeding meetings: “Bring a Friend to the Meeting”


October meeting minutes with one change, addition of Paul Schneider to the attendance list: - Approved Unanimous


Treasurer’s Report: We have $2730.07 in our account. 



General Discussion:


1, Laura Wing reports on the Town’s request to the Community Preservation Committee for $1,000,000 in funding for beach restoration projects. At the last town meeting voters approved a million dollar match for a grant that the town applied for. As Sandwich did not get that grant, the money was never used. This proposal was Okayed by the CPC. But, it will have to pass muster at the next town meeting.


2, Sandwich is in line for the sand to be dredged from the Cape Cod Canal in 2015. Permits should be in place by then. It’s estimated that between 150 to 200 thousand cubic yards of sand will be available. Sandwich will have to pay for some of the costs possibly as much as 700,000.

ID: Will they just spray the and on the beach as they did last time? Or will they do it right?


3, Sandwich applied for a Coastal Zone Management Grant in the amount of $400,000 to “do an innovative project in beach/dune restoration”. The Town’s plan was to clear the way for “near coast” removal of sand from Scusset beach and Sandwich would “match” the grant to the amount of $100,000.


4, Patch: SJ mentioned the Town’s desire to patch the dune. Noting that there is only $20,000-$25,000 available in this year’s budget. She also mentioned that a Plover concern has been mitigated somewhat by other towns getting permission of an allowable “taking”.


5, SJ Mentioned that the Town currently can’t even put sand on the beach in an emergency – quickly.

Bill Burbank: Why can’t the DNR in Sandwich just act? A discussion follows…..


6, Town Meeting Warrant Item: Bill mentions that in his opinion CPC funds shouldn’t be used to fix the beach. He suggests that instead a Special Town Meeting should be called to vote on a 5 million dollar plan to fix the beach.

         A, 200 registered voter signatures would be needed.

         B, the article would ask for $5,000,000 to fund methods to proteck the beaches, dunes and Jarvisville.


7, Bill Burbank notes that Sandwich’s local Comprehensive Plan does not address this. He would propose this as a citizen. A $5 million dollar bond would amount to a rise in taxes of about $365/household for one year. The bond would be used to “shore up our coastal environment”. As a Capital Exclusion this would be a one-time shot of $365.

Bill Boles notes that we would need to get the language passed by the town counsel before people were asked to sign. Otherwise it could be thrown out if the wording was incorrect.


ID: Proposes an Action Item: Propose this to the Town Counsel.


8, BW proposes sending an invitation to newly re-elected Representative Randy Hunt to attend our next meeting.



1: Set a date for a Special Town Meeting.

2: Vote to fund a $5 million dollar Capital Exclusion to protect public properties by replenishing the beaches and dunes.


JG: The town government has taken a pass on this and let groups like TSB run with the ball on this.

SJ: For the last 25 years Town government has worked on this. Most frequently in the last year.

LW: Our barrier beach and marsh are now at risk.


         1: STM – Passed with no opposition.

         2: $5 Million Capital Exclusion – Passed with no opposition.


9, LW offers to head up a booth at the Sandwich Craft Fair on 12/6/14. But needs help. The fair will be held at the Wing School from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. We will have T-shirts to sell and we will have a supply of the TSB business cards to hand out.


Meeting adjourned 8:30 PM


Next Meeting: Set for 12/9/14


Continuing Action Items:


Plan for upcoming Craft Fair

 Check on t-shirts both inventory and colors. 

 Work to get the beaches survey onto the town’s website.

Send letters out to the town. 

Irene to interview more people on Sandwich TV. 

Identify a lawyer to represent us. 

Find out more about filing a class action suit  



Meetings & Events

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Next TSB Meeting:

*** Monday  April 6 2020

6:30 pm


At Cafe Chew

(**First Monday of the month) 

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