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Before the sand was placed 


After the sand was placed


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Beach Renourishment Plan (April 2014) 


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February 22, 2016 PDF  | Print |
Trustees of Sandwich Beaches Meeting
2/22/16 6:45 PM
Members & Guests Present
Laura Wing, Bill Boles, Elaine Tammi, Bob DeRock, Chris Gately, Sue James, Bill Burbank, Anna Manahis, Annette DiMascio, Kathy Riordan
LW – Did introductions around the table.
LW – The recent sand placement came in at about 130,000 Cubic Yards about 50,000 CY short of what Sandwich paid for. We may be getting a reimbursement check for the difference. It was disappointing that we didn’t get the full amount expected as we weren’t able to do all of the re-building job that the town wanted to do.
LW – In March the town will make a decision on re-sculpting the dune. There is a possibility of an additional money savings if Sandwich plants beach grass itself rather than going with the ACOE contractor.
SJ – The 111 study is underway now. It is a two-year study that will result in the ACOE having to invest up to $10,000,000 to fix the problem that the Canal Jetty has caused. Sandwich may have to partially fund this study.
SJ – Sandwich got a Coastal Zone Management grant to look at off-shore borrow pits. Permitting is underway.
SJ – Sandwich is working with Barnstable on a study of the problem.
SJ – Sandwich will be looking at ways to protect the dune.
                Possible $200 fine for walking on the dune. A beach regulation now, maybe a town bylaw later.
                Possible protective fencing
                A locked gate in the evening and overnight.
                Prohibiting fires except near Horizons.
                Ban on fireworks.
BBo - Put down a mat from staircase to staircase so that people will walk on it and not the dune.
BBu – Put up sign – “high Lyme Tick area, walk only on boardwalk
Others – How about a few real time video cameras? Or signs saying they are in use.
SJ – Will send TSB a list of the proposals for member comment when they are finalized.
LW – In April after our Annual Meeting we will change our name to “The Alliance to Preserve Sandwich Beaches”.
AD – Presented our financial report – Accepted unanimously
LW – Presented drone aerial shots of before and after the sand replenishment at Town Neck Beach. Another shot will be taken at the end of the winter and periodically thereafter.
BB Presented, via email, the minutes from our last meeting – Accepted unanimously
ET – Will the town ever charge to park at Horizons?
SJ – The town is looking into that.
Note: The town may plant beach grass on the dune itself and save money over having the ACOE contractor do it.

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