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Check out before and after aerial views of Town Beach:

Before the sand was placed 


After the sand was placed


3D view after placement



Beach Update Summary 11/17/15


Beach Renourishment Plan (April 2014) 


Beach Management Plan (adopted 8/8/13) (Allow time for pages to load)



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Trustees of Sandwich Beaches – Meeting – 4/11/16


Meeting opens at 6:35

Members and Guests present: Laura Wing, Bill Boles, Kathy Riordan, Donna Kenyon, Bill Kenyon, Elaine Tammi, Ken Duckworth, Annette DiMascio, Bob DeRoeck, Amy Paice, Peter Beauchemin


1: Motion to accept the minutes from our last meeting – Passed

2: LW does introductions

3: Beach Renourishment:

                  PB notes that the walkways are going in fast.

Fencing will be done to keep people off the dunes.

To this point we haven’t heard back from the ACOE about a possible refund.

4: Member & Guest Comments:

                  BDeR – We must be careful that the ACOE won’t take the full blame.

                  LW – It’s possible that the 111 study may be done in six months. Though others suggest that iut could take up to 2 years.

                  PB – At this point the Town doesn’t really know.

5: Elections of Officers and Board of Directors Members

                  President : Laura Wing  

Vice-President: Open

Clerk:  Bill Boles

Treasurer: Annette DiMascio

Board Members:  Bill Burbank, Christine Gately, Ken Duckworth, Elaine Tammi

                  Motion to vote the slate by Acclimation – AD Passed

                  Motions to accept slate of officers – Passed Unanimously

6: Coastal Zone Manager

                  LW – We are in the process of getting together job descriptions for this position.

                  BB, Et, Others – Add coastal Zone Management to the job description for Director of Natural Resources.

                  PB – Wonders why the town doesn’t have a full time grant writer. Notes that John Burke, a fireman does excellent grants for the fire department.

6: Meals Tax

                  BB will look into the state of this.

7: Old Harbor Inlet, Mill Creek

PB – The Old Harbor inlet continues to be our first priority. At this time the town has no permits for the dredging of Mill Creek.

8: Town Neck Beach Structures

                  PB – Notes that the town is looking onto facilities for Town Neck beach

                  After some discussion a poll of members present agrees that non-permanent structures make the most sense.

9: Local Comprehensive Plan

                  LW – At this time the LCP does not mention beach renourishment or the Old Harbor inlet.

                  After much discussion it is decided that TSB will write a letter to the Planning Board and the Selectmen asking that Replenishment of the Beaches be part of the LCP.

                  Bill Burbank will do the initial draft; Ken Duckworth will edit.

10: Town Forum

                  Many: It is suggested that the Town hold an informational forum after all of the work is completed to inform the town about the success of the project and the Town’s future goals.

11: Sandwich Fest

                  LW – We will need people to man the booth for the 6/25 event.

12: Financial Report

                  AD – Reports that we have $3537.83 in checking and about $1000 in our Pay Pal account.

                  Financial report is accepted.

Meeting Adjourns 8:10 PM – Next Meeting 5/9/16 @ Café Chew @ 6:30 PM



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