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Beach Renourishment Plan (April 2014) 


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May 9, 2016 PDF  | Print |
Trustees of Sandwich Beaches Meeting 5/9/16

Members & Guests Present: Chris Gately, Ann Shea, Joanne Westerhouse, Annette DiMascio, Elaine Tammi, Kathy Riordan, Laura Wing, Bill Boles

Meeting called to order: 6:30 PM

LW welcomes everyone to the meeting and introductions are done.

1        LW Reports on meeting with Rep. Randy Hunt. It was noted that continual maintenance was needed. Next up, possible transport of sand from Scusset Beach.

2        LW reports on her talks with Kirk Bosma of Woods Hole Group and Selectman Frank Pannorfi. Permitting for near shore borrowing is ongoing. There is possibility of dredging sand from Mill Creek also. The recent canal dredging only got about 1/3 of the sand that was needed so the re-build was not completed. It’s possible that Sandwich may get as much as $350,000 back from the ACoE. The town will have to pay for part of the cost of the 111 study. It’s unlikely that there could be under canal transport of sand from Scusset. Best option is water based mobile dredging.

RH asks if eminent domain action is still in pay.

LW replied that there has been a lot of pushback so far.

PG notes that either Mashpee or Bourne just hired a coastal zone manager.
Various: Best idea, change the job description for the Director of Natural Resources to include coastal zone management.

Sandwich Fest: TSB wants to have a presence there. Volunteer so far include, PG, LW & ET. More will be needed. Posters will be created with pictures of the changing dune, bullet points and talking points. T-shirts will be sold and donations accepted.

Local Comprehensive Plan: This would cost the town about $350,000 so the town may go to the Cape Cod Commission to seek funding.

Meals Tax Diversion: BB - This is not in play in this legislative session, but it could be refiled in the future.

TSB Financial report: AD - we have $3037.83 in the bank with about $500 in known future expenses.  
           Motion to Accept: Passed unanimously.

April Meeting Notes: 
           Motion to accept: Passed unanimously.

Motion to adjourn: 8:20. Passes unanimously.

Next Meeting will be 6/14/16 ***(Changed from 6/13)

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