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Before the sand was placed 


After the sand was placed


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Trustees of Sandwich Beaches Meeting Minutes 8/13/18   

Meeting opens at 6:35: Online Broadcast begins. This meeting can still be viewed on the TSB Facebook Page.   (***Note as of 10/7/18 298 people have viewed our 8/13 meeting.)

Members and guests present: Laura Wing, Patty Williams. Elaine Tammi, Ken Duckworth, Bill Burbank, Kathy Riordan, Annette DiMascio, Susan James, William Sullivan, Bob DeRoeck

1, Laura Wing does introductions

2, Bill Boles makes a motion to approve the Minutes from our June meeting. Approved Unanimously

3, A long discussion of the 111 study, Scusset Sand and Mill Creek sand ensued:

Susan James explains that the $4 million dollars left in the Environmental Bond Bill would be used for the Scusset Beach sand when all the permits are in place. Currently we are just awaiting an ACOE permit.

            Laura Asks, “Would this be separate from the federal funds expected from the 111 study?”

            Susan Replies, “Yes.” And goes on to say that the ACOE will be issuing a quarterly report on the 111 progress in October.

            Laura asks, “Is the town seeking Spring Hill permits at this time?” Susan replies, not at this time, “But the Mill Creek study will be done by the end of 2018.”

            It was noted that some of the land mass of Mill creek is privately owned. The town website ahs property maps available for review.

            Bob noted that the old harbor entrance was closed by Hurricane Bob. The new entrance from the ocean is commonly referred to as Salt Marsh Creek.

            Susan explained that part 1 of the 111 study is to determine the cause of the problem. While part 2 is what to do about it, looking for the best solution at the least cost.

            Ken asks, will this be a long or a short-term fix? Susan replied, that she hoped that it would be a long-term solution but that she would find out.

            Ken asks, what percentage of the cost will be the town’s? Susan replied that is to be determined. And added that the 400,000 subic yards of sand has been the recognized solution for some time but that could change. She also added that the town would have to pay for any Mill Creek sand re-location.

2, SandwichFest:

            Laura reported that SandwichFest was very good. There was lots of interest from the public, and that the drone pictures sparked a lot discussion.

3, Mission Statement: 

Bill Boles presented a draft of his revised mission statement (*See Below). It was liked but all agreed that a vote at our next meeting after thought and possible revisions would be appropriate. (Members are invited to suggest changes to the draft.)

4, Navigable Waterways and Historic Preservation:

            Bill Burbank reported that there was no news on this front and would not be until  plans and studies were completed. The permits sought would allow for replenishment on the Spring hill side of the Salt Marsh Creek opening.

5, Global Warming: 

            Bob noted that a conservative estimate of sea level rise by the end of the century was 31/2 feet. Some estimates suggest much more. Global Warming and its impact will be discussed at future meetings.

Meeting Adjourns:

            Ken thanks Susan for attending, a thought that was seconded by all present.

            Meeting adjourns: 7:58 PM


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