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Before the sand was placed 


After the sand was placed


3D view after placement



Beach Update Summary 11/17/15


Beach Renourishment Plan (April 2014) 


Beach Management Plan (adopted 8/8/13) (Allow time for pages to load)



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January 14, 2013 PDF  | Print |

Trustees of Sandwich Beaches

Steering Committee Meeting

Held January 14, 2013 at the Chew restaurant



Randy Hunt   (representative)

Elaine Tammi

Bruce Wiksten

Pat McNeil

Bill Boles

Irene Davis

Darrell Davis

Laura Wing

Annette DiMascio

Jeff Govani

Mission Statement:

“To promote the restoration of our beaches, dunes, and salt marsh, and the protection of them from further erosion in order to preserve the natural beauty of our shoreline and historic town, districts, and boardwalk; to promote a balance of public access to the beaches and the conservation of their natural habitat; to ensure the long term stabilization of our beaches so they can be enjoyed for generations to come.”

Motion to approve the minutes from last week:

● Made by Darrell

● Minutes were approved

General Discussion:

· Town Neck Company has donated an additional $500 to our cause.

· THANK-YOU from our hearts.

· As of this meeting there was not a status update by the Woods Hole Group of the progress of their engineering efforts to help mitigate the erosion.

· Irene and Randy Hunt sent Bud Dunham a note asking for an update of the time line for getting permits.

· The Army Corp of Engineers is to meet with the town officials including Bud Dunham and Mark Galkowski to discuss possibility of moving forward with a 111 study. A 111 study application usually takes a decade from with the application is filed to seeing some action on the beaches as a result.

· Irene is setting up a meeting with the selectmen on the beaches to give us an opportunity to ask all the questions we have on this issue.

Open Forum on May 1st.

· Sub group has met – Darrell, Laura, Bill, Irene and Randy

· We plan to submit a request that more money taken in from the beach goes back to maintaining our beach on a warrant to be voted on at town meeting.

· The forum will also draw attention to this issue and educate our public.

· Warrant needs 10 signatures to be submitted and be written according to the proper guidelines.

· We need to garner support for this issue. More money is going to support our ponds instead of the beach.

· Boardwalk Ball is March 23rd, and we should garner support from that if appropriate and possible. We can enter a t-shirt in the silent auction and have our brochures.

· Irene to send out a Forum agenda

· Irene to set up a date at the town hall.

· We need to advertise for it

· Get an off week from the school committee meeting.

Taking Back our Scusset Sand

· This is to be a public event staged by our group and supporters to draw attention to the excess of sand on the west side of the canal on Scusset Beach compared to the East side of the canal along Town Neck and beyond. The jetties extending the canal are blocking this sand from naturally flowing east and replenishing our beaches.

· Event will happen Saturday mid to late morning Memorial Day week-end

· The idea is to carry or pass along empty buckets across the Sagamore bridge going west, fill these buckets with sand from that side of the bridge and bring the buckets back across the bridge full of sand into a waiting truck.

· Volunteers would walk the empty buckets across the bridge and then walk back again with the buckets full of sand.

· We would all meet at the Christmas Tree parking lot.

· We need to find out if sand can be taken from Scusset beach.

• Jeff to ask the DCR

· Irene will handle the media relations.

· We need a lot of people to do it

· Scusset beach is open early May to October.

· Irene may present something to the high school students and get them to participate.

· Not sure how to get the sand out to the buckets to be filled. They could be filled ahead of time by the TSB from Scusset Beach with pictures being taken of this effort.

· We need two volunteers with pick-up trucks.

• Paul Schneider and Annette have pick-up trucks.

· We can get our own photographer to do a press release with pictures.

· Someone to contact the Cape Cod Times – George Brenan

· Enterprise – John Paradise

· Broadsider – contact unknown.

· Jeff will write up a list of things needed for this event for the group

TSB Website discussion:

● Annette needs help uploading documents. Problematic and time consuming now.

● Jeff suggested we switch to Word Press. More commonly used and easy to learn.

● The template for Word Press may be id="mce_marker"00.00 and then $25 a month after that.

● 75% of websites are Word Press and there are many different templates.

● We formed a sub-committee to help Annette of Bill Boles and Laura

● Links to Town Neck and Hattruck Sportswear need to be modified or removed.

Assignments to each of us to get things going and spread out the workload.

● Research

○ Laura and Bruce

○ includes tax revenue from beach front property (all property in flood plane)

○ Community Preservation Committee

○ links on info that is relevant to the beach

● Education

○ Elaine and Holly

○ Kirby Holmes to manage a poster contest at the school.

○ Brochures – are they where they should be?

○ Gil Newton – STEM program

● Outreach and Advocacy

○ Who is assigned?

○ Sandwich TV

○ Conservation Law Foundation

● They will take on cases as needed

○ Writing Articles for newspaper

● Public Events

○ Jeff Govani, Paul Joubert

● Membership

○ Bev Hand, Linda McArdle

● Each meeting people should report on activity for that month.

Action Items: (New)

○ Follow-up with Bud Dunham on current time line for WHG planning.

○ Irene to setup a meeting with selectmen on the beaches.

○ Preparation needed to submit a warrant on the next town meeting.

■ 10 signatures

■ Submitted 6 weeks in advance of the meeting

■ Special wording

○ Enter our t-shirts in silent auction at the ball.

○ Irene to send out the forum agenda to the group.

○ Get leaflets designed to advertise for the forum

○ Pat to look into other businesses for the t-shirts for break in price.

○ Discuss more details on Scusset Sand Event.

Action Items: (Prior)

○ Vote on beach rendering   THINK ABOUT BEACH RENDERINGS!

○ Irene to approach a bank for financial support of our group.

○ Someone to request permission from the selectmen to have us help maintain the boardwalk – either sell boards or raise funds in some other way.

○ Someone to follow up on improving the parking lot at the beach

○ Someone to contact the Key Club – Kirby Holmes – as a potential donor to our cause.

○ Website updates:

● Add the meeting agenda

● Add the meeting minutes

● Add the monthly Woods Hole group updates to the town.

● Organize something for Earth Day on April 22nd

● Contact the State Office of Coastal Management.

● Contact Jim Mahala of the Department of Environment Protection for information. He is a coastal geologist.

● Contact Rebecca Haney of the Coastal Zone Management (CZM).

● Contact Bruce Tarr who is very close to the Plum Island replenishment projects.

Next Meeting February 11th at the Chew Restaurant from 6:30 to 8:30.

Motion made and seconded to adjourn the meeting.

Corrections, comments and fill-ins are welcome

Respectfully submitted: Laura Wing (Clerk) email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  


Meetings & Events

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