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Check out before and after aerial views of Town Beach:

Before the sand was placed 


After the sand was placed


3D view after placement



Beach Update Summary 11/17/15


Beach Renourishment Plan (April 2014) 


Beach Management Plan (adopted 8/8/13) (Allow time for pages to load)



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April 8, 2013 PDF  | Print |

Trustees of Sandwich Beaches 

Steering Committee Meeting 

Held April 8, 2013 at the Chew restaurant 




Elaine Tammi 

  Richard Pratt 

  Bette Bates 

  Paul Schneider 

  Cecily Denson 

  Bev Hand 

  Pat McNeil    

  Linell Grundman  (Sandwich selectmen) 

  Bill Boles 

  Irene Davis 

  Darrell Davis 

  Laura Wing  

  Debra Davies  

  Karoline Letendre 

  Chris Letendre 

  Paul Joubert 

  Jeanne Ekasala 

  Bill and Jerry Collins 

  Arthur Doyle 

  Christine Gately 


Mission Statement: 

 “To promote the restoration of our beaches, dunes, and salt marsh, and the protection of them 

from further erosion in order to preserve the natural beauty of our shoreline and historic town, districts, 

and boardwalk; to promote a balance of public access to the beaches and the conservation of their 

natural habitat; to ensure the longterm stabilization of our beaches so they can be enjoyed for 

generations to come.” 


Motion to approve the minutes from last month: 

Made by Darrell 

Minutes approved with 2 minor modifications 


Summary of closed meeting held in Sandwich at Town Hall March 20th: 

There is no state plan in place for ongoing beach nourishment.  Massachusetts is one of the few 

states without one.  There are always a few people in every crowd that don’t respect the 

environment and the government cannot do anything about that. 

Norm Hayes gave a presentation of beach erosion.  He is a consultant working on beach 

replenishment issues for a few people on town neck. 

The Army Corp of Engineers (ACE) did not seem to know that the barrier beach erosion in 

Sandwich has been an issue for decades. 

There has been no meeting with the ACE for 5 years. 

The ACE is working on the Section 204 study request that is available through the Harbors and 

River Act.  This study determines if dredging sand from the Cape Cod canal and placing it on 

Sandwich beaches is economically feasible.  If it is, we can get permits to have it put on our 


Kirk Bosma showed a map of all the businesses that touched the marsh.  There is reason to 

believe these businesses were taken into consideration by the ACE. 

Darrell is willing to take the ACE representatives for a drive around town to show them the 

impact of flooding if that would help. 

The completion of the 204 study was imminent 2.5 years ago and it is still incomplete. 

A 204 study is usually done before a Section 111 study, so the completion of the 204 study 

is holding up the Section 111 study. 

The Section 111 study to be done by the ACE will officially determine if the canal and the 

canal jetties is responsible for the erosion of Sandwich beaches and if found to be true the 

sand replenishment should be paid in full by the federal government. 

The ACE attitude was changed after the meeting. 

The canal is now over-dredged and will not be dredged again until 2016.  We cannot rely on sand from the canal to be our sole source of sand for our beaches.  We will have to wait too long 

and may not get it as has occurred many times before.  

How many nor’easters do we have left and still have a barrier beach? – Kirk Bosma replied ZERO. 

Action items from this meeting 

ACE to follow up on the Section 204 study 

Town government to apply for relief from Sandy, NEMO, and the following Nor’easter. 

Town may consider digging the sand out of the creek to put on the beaches. 

Frank Frederickson from JCushman consulting will follow up on the action items. 


Open Forum on May 1st. 

Irene went over the agenda. 

We need help to advertise for the forum 

Rendering of the beach will be shown at the end of the presentations. 

Shawn Randle from the Enterprise will be there and so will someone from the Broadsider. 

We need to create a flyer about the event and have people hand them out in town and stand at 

the Stop and Shop. 

People in South Sandwich are invested in the beach. 

We need to create an information sheet to hand out at the forum for people to take home. 

School system should be getting involved with beach erosion. 

Irene spoke one hour to the Key Club and got no response. 

We need to pack the hall for the forum. 

We should have a poster about the tax implications if we should lose beach front properties. All 

property taxes will go up. 

Chris Gately volunteered to organize people to stand outside with the flyers. 

Richard Pratt and Cecily Denson will stand out with flyers. 

There is a huge email list of townspeople maintained by Sandwich TV we may have access to 

and there is banner ad space available for our use. 

Facebook page membership doubled after the storms. 

Bill Boles will distribute flyers to Town Neck. 

Laura will distribute flyers to Springhill beach. 

Deb Davies has a listing of Homeowners Association and could send them an email about the 


Paula Johnston has a Constant Contact email list. 

Richard Pratt will work on the brochure. 


Town Meeting Warrant 

Town meeting will be held May 6th and 7th. 

Come to town meeting and vote yes on our warrant that requests 20% if beach sticker money to 

be put back into our beaches – about $20,000 a year. 

In the end the selectmen have the last vote about the sticker money going to the beaches.  They 

can override any vote taken at town meeting. 


Taking Back our Scusset Beach Sand 

We should consider doing this every year 

We need a new banner for the Trustees of Sandwich Beaches saying to take back our sand. 

Sand will be taken from a homeowner’s property near/on Scusset Beach. 

We need volunteers to carry the banner. 

Event will happen Saturday May 25 from 8 – 12. 

Paul and Darrell will get the sand. 

Matt Ellis will provide a bus for free. 

40 people have signed up to march across the bridge so far.  We need 99. 

We will have a t-shirt sale table and someone needs to man the table at Hemisphere’s 

We need someone to be a captain to organize all these people.  We may need more than one captain

The food at Hemisphere’s will be simple sandwiches 

There may be a tent put up there for our use. 

People putting up the tent will need to be paid. 

Jerry Collins volunteered to be captain for the walk. 

If you plan to walk please wear a Trustees of Sandwich Beaches T-shirt. 


Closing Comments: 

Dean Coe looked at the boardwalk and thought it could be fixed for $5,000. 

We need a fund raising chairperson volunteer. 

Elections are to be held again for officers of the TSB.  If you are interested in being an officer – let us know.  Positions are President, Vice-President, Clerk and Membership Chair. 


Action Items: 

Ralph will get us some numbers on how many teacher positions have been vacated. 

Irene to approach a bank for financial support of our group. 

Ralph will talk to us about support from his bank – the Cooperative Bank 

Someone to request permission from the selectmen to have us help maintain the boardwalk 

– either sell boards or raise funds in some other way. 

Someone to follow up on improving the parking lot at the beach 

Website updates: 

Add the meeting agenda 

Add the meeting minutes 

Add the monthly Woods Hole group updates to the town. 

Contact the State Office of Coastal Management. 

Contact Jim Mahala of the Department of Environment Protection for information.  He 

is a coastal geologist. 

Contact Rebecca Haney of the Coastal Zone Management (CZM). 

Contact Bruce Tarr who is very close to the Plum Island replenishment projects. 

Volunteer to walk in our Taking Back our sand march on May 25th. 

Think about how to get more involved with the TSB – what can you do to help. 

Paul and Darrell will get sand for the Take Back our Sand march event. 


Next Meeting April 29th at the Chew Restaurant from 6:30 to 8:30. 

(Meeting time changed later to May 13th same time and place) 

Motion made and seconded to adjourn the meeting. 

Corrections, comments and fill-ins are welcome 

Respectfully submitted:   Laura Wing (Clerk)  email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  


Meetings & Events

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