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Check out before and after aerial views of Town Beach:

Before the sand was placed 


After the sand was placed


3D view after placement



Beach Update Summary 11/17/15


Beach Renourishment Plan (April 2014) 


Beach Management Plan (adopted 8/8/13) (Allow time for pages to load)



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Trustees of Sandwich Beaches


Steering Committee Meeting

Held Oct 21, 2013 at the Chew restaurant





Jeanne Ekasala, Bruce Wiksten, Sharon Schneider, Annette DiMascio, Elaine Tamni, Darrell Davis, Irene Davis, Paul Schneider, Pat McNeil, Kathy Riordan, Christine Gately, Arthur Doyle, Bill Burbank, Debra Davies, Donald Barber, Laura Wing


Mission Statement:


“To promote the restoration of our beaches, dunes, and salt marsh, and the protection of them from further erosion in order to preserve the natural beauty of our shoreline and historic town, districts, and boardwalk; to promote a balance of public access to the beaches and the conservation of their natural habitat; to ensure the longterm stabilization of our beaches so they can be enjoyed for generations to come.”


Minutes approved from September.


Report/Discussion on Chamber of Commerce Issues and Alliance Breakfast



  • The number one issue for the Chamber of Commerce in Sandwich is Beach Erosion.
  • Bud Dunham, Doug Lapp, Jim Pierce and Mark Galkowski engaged in a free flowing discussion.
  • Bud summarized their position on beach re-nourishment and they were all in agreement.
    • People in town are over-reacting to the threat of beach erosion.
    • Permits should be in place at the end of this calendar year – only to place sand on the beach.
    • There is no urgency towards protecting the town from flooding.
  • Arthur Doyle said that Sandwich is overdue for a 100 year storm. Last one happened in 1898.
    • This storm caused a lot of damage in Sandwich. We can use this fact when arguing for the restoration of our beaches.
    • 1980 the selectmen signed away any responsibility of the ACOE to fix erosion caused by the jetty.  
    • There were towns (Chatham) that did not sign off on federal responsibility for beach erosion.
  • The Chamber came under criticism from Jim about taking a side on the issue.
  • Action Item: We should get a copy of what was signed and find out what it means.
  • Deb Davis said many people from the town came to the meeting.



General Discussion

  • Our current strategy is to push for the following
    • Encourage the town to hire a Resource Coastal Manager
    • Get a warrant written to request 50% of the meals tax increase to go towards beach restoration.
    • Create a committee to collaborate with the RCM.
  • When the town closes a school, there should be more money in the town budget to support our beaches.
  • Doug Lapp took a strong position against hiring a Resource Coastal Manager.
  • We cannot make the town government create a new position or hire any one into it.
  • The warrants were dropped off early to submit to the town meeting.
    • Bud Dunham emailed Irene to say the Warrant related to the Resource Coastal Manager was invalid, the night it was due to be re-submitted.
    • We plan to put this on the May town meeting.
    • The Meals tax warrant did get on the list for the November town meeting.
    • Irene contacted Bud and said it was not a fair process to be notified so late that our warrant was invalid.
  • Action Item: Watch the selectmen’s meeting on Sandwich TV from October 10th.
  • Selectmen are attempting to rescind our prior warrant to allocate 20% of the beach revenues to be spent on beach restoration.
  • Action Item: Who can go to the next selectmen’s meeting? Bill Boles agreed to go.


Ideas for what to do next:

  • Send an email out to all the people who attended our forum and to the people who have joined the TSB to explain the issue of beach erosion from our point of view and where we think the town government sits on this issue.
  • Attend committee meetings in town to get on their agenda to discuss the issue.
    • Planning board
    • School committee meeting – meets every other Monday at 5:30 at the Heritage Museum
      • First submit a letter to this committee.
      • Deb Davis could attend this meeting on Monday October 28th.
    • Kirby Holmes ecology class was not interested in supporting this cause.
      • If we were to create a prize for the best poster they created the kids may respond to that.
    • This is a quality of life issue.
    • Kids use our beaches
  • There may be an issue with people speaking up in town against the government on this issue for fear of being rejected when needing approval for construction projects.
  • The village is at stake.
  • Action Item: We need to create a flyer on the issue to put in people’s mailboxes and distribute to those shopping at stop and shop. Christine Gately can help with this.
  • Bud was heard saying he wasn’t that worried about the loss of tax revenues from houses that fell into the ocean because the house behind them would pick up that burden.
  • Action Item: Put a flyer in the Enterprise and Broadsider newpapers just before the next town meeting to be held November 18th at 7:00.
  • December Craft Fair being held December 7th from 10:00 to 4:00. We need a table there.
    • Pat/Annette/Kathy will be there between 10:00 and 12:00
    • Darrell, Irene and Arthur there 12:00 to 2:00,  
    • Laura, Christine, and Elaine there 2:00 to 4:00.


Closing Comments:


Action Items:

  • We should put a summary of beach revenues on our website. This includes:
    • Real estate taxes
    • Tourist income has calculated by the Chamber of Commerce
  • We need another forum in the Spring on Beach Erosion. Arthur will do some research on the impact of the Flood Insurance Study and the new zoning that is a result of it.
  • We need to find an advocate for our beaches and look into hiring a Coastal Resource manager or beach supervisor.
  • Someone to get a good job description from the Dennis Beach Management Plan
  • Someone to follow up on improving the parking lot at the beach
  • Website updates:
    • Add the meeting agenda
    • Add the meeting minutes
  • Contact the State Office of Coastal Management.
  • Contact Jim Mahala of the Department of Environment Protection for information. He is a coastal geologist.
  • Contact Rebecca Haney of the Coastal Zone Management (CZM).
  • Contact Bruce Tarr who is very close to the Plum Island replenishment projects.


Next Meeting December 9th at the Chew Restaurant from 6:30 to 8:30.


Motion made and seconded to adjourn the meeting.

Corrections, comments and fill-ins are welcome


Respectfully submitted:   Laura Wing (Clerk) email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  


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