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Check out before and after aerial views of Town Beach:

Before the sand was placed 


After the sand was placed


3D view after placement



Beach Update Summary 11/17/15


Beach Renourishment Plan (April 2014) 


Beach Management Plan (adopted 8/8/13) (Allow time for pages to load)



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The Resulting Impact

Because the barrier beach is quickly eroding away - there are many resulting issues that need to be dealt with if we do nothing to protect it.

Marsh Erosion
Impact: Habitat
Barrier Breach
Impact: Flooding
Stair Repairs
Impact: Maintenance Costs

The Habitat

Adding to the complexity of protecting the barrier beaches, we need to be cognizant of the treatened birds whom have called our beaches home. The easy answer is to say - "Just leave it alone" - but the result is no better. If we simply just leave them alone, the entire barrier beach will eventually disappear and so will thier existing habitat.

The Maintenance Cost

You can see from the first photo that sand is clearly touching the pylons. During a January 2010 storm, you can clearly see in the second picture that the Pylons no longer have sand behind them! Who knows - the next storm could bring them down!

The Flooding

Flooding can be devastating and the common response when it happens are "you shouldn't have bought a house so close to the ocean" or "it is Mother Natures way of taking back what is hers". The irony is that in this particular case, the cause is a MAN MADE structure and it isn't the oceanfront properties that are are risk - it is the HISTORIC DOWNTOWN!


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